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About Us

Welcome to World of Sandra.  Browse our site to discover what we’re all about: Magnetic Jewellery, Health and Well-being products, health and well-being guides and advice, lifestyle & community, Clean Living for those who clean with conscience  - less plastic, less chemicals and less hassle. Monthly book reviews, Quarterly wine club and two business opportunities - reach your potential and earn whilst you spread the the joy of shopping for your health and well-being.

My primary goal is to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction in the many aspects of health and well-being whilst helping you to live your best life. This simple approach has fuelled our growth since opening in 2017,  we have become masters of our craft.

Hands Up

How it all began


I wanted to do all of the things I thought I couldn’t do; enjoying every single moment along the way. On this journey, I discovered the power of the magnetic therapy and Clean Living for my physical health and a new way to do my bit in protecting our environment.

'World of Sandra' came out of my desire to share a passion for health, well-being, and a fabulous lifestyle.


A transplant recipient over ten years I decided to live and share "our" post transplant life whilst looking after "our" world.


This site is still a work in progress - like we all are.  You can buy health and well-being products whilst exploring where we are, Hopefully, it will make you smile, feel inspired, and be a positive influence in all our lives.


As our journey progresses you will learn more about what is on offer with tips on how to improve your holistic health through magnetic therapy, negative ions therapy, CBD products and Clean Living - less plastic and chemicals.

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Get in touch with any questions.



Hands Up
Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic therapy changed my life! The use of magnetic therapy was the turning point in my holistic health. 

The power of the magnetic field is present on our beautiful planet.  Use of these particular magnets enhances our own energetic field.  Magnetic therapy improves circulation; activates our metabolism and physical functions by magnetising the iron within our blood. Amazing!

We bring you these tested and natural products to help you get the most out of life with a big smile on your face. Creating balance in your mind, body, and spirit.

For jam packed product information sign up here to receive a worthwhile newsletter straight to your inbox .

Health & Wellbeing

World of Sandra started out of a pure passion for life and people. Magnetic therapy, skincare, food, exercise ,the environment and an enthusiasm to live for the moment.

We bring you natural products to help you get the most out of life and confidence in the knowledge this is being achieved. 

All products are aimed at achieving balance for your mind, body, and spirit, soul and the world around us.

Reach Your Potential

I love what I do! What's more rewarding than sharing what you are passionate about?

I invite you to join me to become part of an exciting and rewarding business, that can benefit you and your family in an holistic way as a Magnetic Wellness Consultant, Clean Living Ambassador or both as I am. working with a team that are excited about the future. There are No Limits only the ones you set.

Sharing and using the health, well-being and lifestyle products whilst building a priceless memory bank of information and support tools, are just some of the rewards that you can experience.

Get in touch to have a chat and learn more.

Holding Hands
Lifestyle Community

Friends, family and community make a wholesome life, bringing a sense of support, joy and laughter when you need it.  It feels great to share this love and happiness with you too!

I intend on sharing the highs and lows, recipes, anecdotes, and stories that will hopefully resonate with you.

Throughout my journey, I have experienced so much love and support. The culminations of all this love and coming together is World of Sandra. 

Join us and share your stories too.

All Hands In
Hands Up

Clean Living

Cleaning with a conscience

Clean Living is a range of award -winning cleaning products to beautifully clean and fragrance your home without the need for harsh toxins.


Using them will not harm you or the planet and will keep your surfaces more hygienic for longer.

  • 100% recyclable and refillable aluminium bottles

  • Biological cleaning using enzymes

  • Water free to reduce carbon emissions

  • Natural, non-toxic formulas

  • Vegan and pet friendly

  • 1% of all revenues donated to Born Free Foundation

Hands Up

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