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A Holiday With My Mum

I decided to take my mum on holiday. I did invite my dad but he said he did not want to go. I booked us a double room at Sandals Resort Ochi Rios Jamaica. My mum had vaguely heard about these places but had not actually visited one. we went to Butlins when I was younger and to be honest she never stopped working as it was always an extended family cc=vacation too with loads of children in two. Good fun but there was always someone vying for attention and we all know those who make the most noise are the ones that are heard. My mum had no idea what to expect. I had booked the trip with (Anita Barzey) who suggested for a little more we could our own personal Butler. I was not sure what this was but agreed.

My mum loves Sandals Ochi Rios.

she said she never thought this sort of place existed in Jamaica and i could see from her eyes she was going to soak up and enjoy every moment of it. On arrivals we went to the VIP check in where we were mat by our personal butler who would be at our disposal 24/7. I explained their job was to give my mum all their attention and provide her with everything she needed. Our butler gave her a mobile phone and if i say she took to the whole thing like a duck to water then that would be an overstatement. I am definitely my mothers daughter and know now where I developed this notion to have the best I can afford.

Our Butler picked us up and whisked us away to our apartment we travelled by golf cart. this was the first and last time my mum travelled on the back as those vehicles can move, even I was afraid for my life at points. we did not walk anywhere around the resort we just called the butler and they picked us up when ready. we had two butlers who treated my mum like a queen and for that I am eternally grateful.

We went to the Spa daily for every treatment the had pedicure, manicure, facials, full body scrub and full body massages. we could not really get full use of the sauna due to closing for the pandemic. we never went to breakfast my mum said she was resting and wanted room service. the butlers arranged this. On day one my mum sorted her favorite lunch after sampling a few dishes.

We sampled every restaurant for dining in the evening and attended the resort entertainment shows. My mum still had time for an afternoon siesta and the God channel on the television in our rooms. I too had to experience this! if I went into the bedroom it was on there if I went into the living room it was on in there. we stayed up late and talked late into the night.

My mum also go into the socials we had started these at home with zoom but now she was happy to help out on lives talking about her experiences and I even got her to take some really good photos. these were very blurry when we first arrived.

If you can take the time to connect with your parents they will not be with us forever or may not be in good health for as long as we would like or when we feel we have time. This time like so many experiences i have had recently have been the best and really special. we both recommend Sandals for a mother daughter vacay - its not just for couples...

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