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Getting ready for the easing of lockdown

The new normal is imminent, so is Spring! Spring will officially be with us on the 20th of March, something else for us all to get excited about aside from the start of lockdown easing on the 29th of March. We could all do with taking a leaf out of how nature operates; no pun intended! Spring is the season of renewal, re-growth, and re-energising. Reflecting the example of goodness and richness that nature provides; I believe we can only benefit from mirroring how nature operates, in our everyday lives to ease ourselves back into the new normal.

I have been shielding since 18th March 2020. Government advice states that I can stop shielding from the 31st of March 2021. It still seems so bizarre and hard to believe; that a year will have gone by since the pandemic began, and our lives changed. After having my 1st vaccine; I am looking forward to receiving my second. That is a huge personal change, as I was never one in favour of vaccines. After having a lowered immune system and contracting the flu a few years ago, I now feel a sense of reassurance that at the very least; I will hopefully have some level of protection against a serious COVID-19 related illness. I admit that I still feel a sense of nervousness about the easing of lockdown. I know I will continue to protect myself, be responsible in my choices of where I go and how I travel. I believe if we all continue to have an air of caution; the transition will be easier for everyone. We all know that things can change very quickly, the past year has certainly given us a lesson in that!



For those of you that are already members of our community you will have seen my recent Facebook Live, where I talked about renewal, the products that can help us along that route and the health and wellness routines that we can begin to adopt, after our yearlong pandemic hibernation. I am getting myself ready for renewal in my life by viewing it as getting ready to have my bikini body back! I’m thinking about what I can start doing now that will help me to emerge again whilst still feeling safe, healthy, and uplifted.


What have I been doing?

Looking at my skin care.

We can all admit to taking less care of our skin since we haven’t been in social contact with the masses, for so long. But, my friends, let’s get real, our skin needs our love again!

I have been using the range of CBD lotions, oils, and creams. Each type of cream can help different areas of the skin. I have been focusing on my feet as I was suffering from blisters, which began when I contracted covid-19, the CBD oil and lotion has made such a huge difference only in the last few weeks of consistent use. The oil and lotion contain 5% CBD. Using oils to lift my mood and ease stress and anxiety. Other than avoiding the news and keeping my eye on my own bubble, another way I have been making sure that I stay in a higher vibe; has been to use the aroma essential oils. My current favourite oil is orange and cinnamon, I find it to be uplifting and fresh, whilst it leaves a cleansing aroma throughout my home. Here's what a customer said after her recent purchase of a an Aroma Diffuser and oils..

“Oh my gosh its beautiful and good for me, I will be getting one for my sister”. - Joan

Drinking plenty of magnetised water.

We all know that we need water to hydrate and maintain our health, but it’s the first thing that we neglect! One way I remind myself to keep drinking plenty of water throughout the day is by using magnetic water sticks, bottle band or coaster. I have several around the house and a water band for my water bottle when I go out for a walk. Magnetised water tastes better; I know that it is benefiting my digestion and circulation drinking magnetised water. Another happy customer testimonial after experiencing the benefits of the simply and effective water sticks.

“I can’t believe the difference." - Marcia

Eating healthier to trim my waistline down.

Now that it is lighter and getting warmer, I feel like I am cooking healthier meals, snacking less, and enjoying fruit as healthy snacks again.

Dressing to impress myself whilst at home.

I love to feel good in my own skin, after all; we are responsible for how we feel inside and out. I believe the more I pay attention to how I dress, style my hair, and by adding a little makeup; the more energised and motivated I feel in my day.

These are just some of the actions I am taking, I highly recommend you trying a few yourself. I promise you that you will feel better for it and more prepared for returning to socialising when we can.


How many days until the easing of Lockdown 2021?

With Boris Johnson sharing the Governments ‘four-step route out of lockdown, which could see all aspects of society reopened by June 21.’

The countdown has begun, at the time of writing this blog there are 113 days until the new normal returns. Hope is in the air; moods are lifting, we are starting to feel optimism again.

It has been an emotional rollercoaster, some of us will be feeling anxious and nervous for our children returning to school again. Others will be sceptical about returning to work. Whilst those that have been on furlough will be feeling a sense of joy and relief to return to their jobs once again.

The flip side to that is that some of us may be feeling anxious to socialise again, be amongst crowds of people and still not convinced that it is ‘safe’ to remerge.

Pubs could reopen on April 12th, with indoor hospitality opening no earlier than May 17th.

We could go on self-contained holidays within the UK as early as April 12, as well as use indoor leisure facilities such as gyms, hairdressers and non-essential retail. All of this could go smoothly if we continue to take the necessary social distancing precautions that we have adjusted to. It makes sense to me to continue to wear a mask, keep social distance and wash hands as often as possible. Plus we still have plenty of hand sanitiser!

We all want to return to normal. We all have a part to play in it, working as a community we can hopefully live with covid-19 and not be engulfed by it again.



Some benefits have emerged from the pandemic. Health and Wellness has become the centre of our world. Mental health awareness has arisen and the number of our homeless and vulnerable people at risk has been more prominent in the public domain.

But still, it isn’t enough to just talk about it, or watch the news and hope for the best. We must all act and do something different so that our immune systems, mental, physical and emotional health become stronger and more resilient.

Self-care is the cornerstone of our own health and wellness. I would love to support you on your own health and wellness journey to emerge from the pandemic feeling, safer, stronger, healthier and happier. There are so many health and wellbeing products in my treasure trove products that I hand on heart trust in; that can help the whole family when correctly and consistently.

If you are ready to start your renewal contact me and let’s get started together.

My advice as always is to tune into your body, check-in with your body and emotions everyday and don’t wait for things to get worse before contacting your GP or seeking professional medical advice – stay away from Google at all costs!

Let’s help each other to feel renewed again.

With love



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Lauretta Wright
Lauretta Wright
Mar 08, 2021

Great to hear you've been taking great care of your skin (and some self care) Sandra! It's one of the things I'm passionate about - so much so, I started selling Tropic in last year's lockdown. You're so right about tending to ourselves though.

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