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Join My Team

I have been a Consultant with Magnetix for over 3 years. Each year my business has gone from strength to strength. The company has proven how much they care about Health and Wellness, and continually delights me with new ranges and ideas to help support holistic well-being.

As a transplant recipient; my immune system can get knocked easier than most, so I am extra careful when deciding what to fuel my body with and how I spend my time and energy. I have noticed significant improvements in my physical health and mood.

This business has given me the gift of perspective and an avenue to help others feel as good as I feel, while simultaneously sharing knowledge and information on how to support the body and protect it in today’s environment of Wi-Fi, EMP and positive ions. I think that you would agree that is pretty amazing!?

Sharing this business brings me so much joy, I feel compelled to share it with as many people that I possibly can!


Here is your chance to join me.

If you are the type of person that believes in the use of quality and naturally sourced products as a way of healing and are also looking for another income, an online business that can adapt to lockdown and the new normal, rewards and support – you are in the right place!

If you still are reading this; the next step could be the best decision you make today!

  • Buy at wholesale - sell at retail

  • Your earning potential is limitless

  • You can be as creative and visible as you like. If you love on-line communities; this could be a huge success waiting to take off for you.

  • I will wholeheartedly support your journey and ensure that you have the information and methods at your disposal to really make it work and last.

  • Anyone can start a business – it’s the support and management of keeping it going that turns a business venture into a viable and sustainable income!

  • Come join me


Business benefits: A business of your own Personal benefits: An additional income with no minimum order External benefits: Bespoke training as part of a team


What you need to do now….

  • Contact me via email or phone: details on the website

  • Request a brochure via email

  • Sign up following Zoom interview

  • Start your business!

Let's get started on making your journey, healthier, wealthier and brighter!

With Love



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