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Magnetic Wellness Highlights Catalogue

Early September saw the launch of our new highlights catalogue and the business continues to move and drive change for use. we saw the launch of

  1. Fabulously gorgeous jewellery range for the whole family and pets.

  2. Reusable stainless steel drinking straws with magnet and negative ions. Retail £24

  3. Vitamin range to compliment our existing wellbeing range range - Immunity, Energy, Bones, Night for neck back and joints. Each bottles contains 90 tablets and retails for £28

  4. CBD facewash, hair and body shampoo and conditioning bar also for hair. in addition they have brought back the magnetic comb. see catalogue for prices.

  5. and Amin8 - 8 for all essential amino acid complex.

Amino acids are the elementary building blocks of proteins They are essential for hair, bones, muscles, and are formed from them - growth and repair as i was taught at school. Proteins contribute maintenance of normal bones and the building and maintenance of muscle mass.

Amino Acids are important for everyone especially

  • athletes

  • those in active professions

  • older persons

  • vegetarians and vegans

  • pregnant women

  • children and teenagers

Amin8 is purely vegetable based made from protein sources without additives. it contains amino acids in a ratio optimal for human nutrition.

It is very high in protein with ten tables containing 0.4 Kcal which is the same amount of usable amino acids as 350g fish meat or poultry.

Highly bioavailable the body can utilise 99% of the 8 amino acids. Meat, poultry and fish are only utilised approximately 33%, milk 16% and soya approximately 17%.

One bottle of Amin8 contains 120 tablets and retails at £31

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