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Preparing for the new normal

I can’t quite believe that we are approaching a year of quarantine, lockdowns, social distancing, and mask wearing. It still feels a little surreal, who would have thought that a virus could take over the world in our day and age?!

The pandemic has brought uncertainty and unprecedented changes to our daily lives; both elements being stress inducing environments to experience, for all ages.

It’s no surprise that some people have been feeling depressed in Lockdown #3! On top of that, winter has kept us in doors for a few months as well, decreasing the amount of outdoor exercise that we were eager to do in Lockdown #1. Comfort eating may have ramped up a little more for some people. The effects of feeling isolated for those of us on their own, could be taking its tole.

As a result of this year long change, low moods are something that may have developed for you. I want to reassure you; you are not alone in that. It was inevitable, after all a Pandemic is no party invite, we want to receive in the post!


However, all is not lost! Spring is starting to spread its joy, snow drops, and crocuses are blossoming; nature is magical! With the mornings and evenings becoming lighter, the notion to get outside seems more inviting every day.

How can we get ready?

With the fresh start approaching we must begin to think ahead. We need to find ways to get started on the momentum behind lifting our mood, aid depression and lose those extra pounds we have put on!

I want to help you find ways to move from the limbo state between lockdown to the inevitable return to new the normal and freedom! I’ve been thinking of ways to lift us, to keep us going through the next phase.

I would be delighted if you would pick at least 3 recommendations for the list below and let me know how you get on.

Sandra’s top 10 tips to lift the vibe…

1. Create a routine

2. Set boundaries, ditch the not so healthy habits that you have picked up in lockdown

3. Get rid of the PJ’S!

4. Start to eat less and shed the few extra pounds

5. Invest in some new outdoor wear – move away from the tired loungewear

6. Dig out some different hair accessories or hair products; until we go to the hairdresser

7. Get dressed up, just for the heck of it! Your body deserves to feel good even when no one else is looking. Make the effort for you, don’t wait until you MUST go out

8. CBD oils – take 4 to 5 times a day, for joint pains

9. Aroma Essential Oils – pop them in your diffuser on a daily basis to ease your mind and body

10. Physical contact – massage your own hands, feet, and face with CBD lotion

On top of those 10 tips, the absolute MUST HAVE is the POWER HEART. This amazing product has multiple uses for all ages. It will help to alleviate:

· Joint pain

· Menopause symptoms

· Muscular pain

· Inflammation

· Improves circulation

These are things that we can all try. It is important to pick and choose more items each day to keep your vibe high; trust that things will get better.

Another bonus tip is to be GRATEFUL for the things that are going well around us, amongst these dark days there will always be something to laugh and smile about, all it takes is a little effort and some encouragement.


Keep in touch

I am here to help you on your holistic health journey; in every possible way that I can.

Keep in touch by watching my Lives on my World of Sandra Facebook Page, join my World of Sandra Community FREE Facebook Group; where I announce new products and special offers, we have fun and always feel the sense of community which is filled with love.

We are in this together and we will get through it together.

With love


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Lauretta Wright
Lauretta Wright
Feb 23, 2021

Some great tips Sandra - and I can relate to the overeating! Little steps no matter how small can make a world of difference! - Lauretta

Feb 26, 2021
Replying to

Hi Lauretta, definitely glad you enjoyed my blog. Xx

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