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The Seven Day Weekend

So, I retired from full time work on the 30th August to start a new chapter and focus on what is becoming my passion the World of Sandra. What I did not expect was the sense of fatigue that took over me so despite a full month of appointments ahead I decided by the eighth of the month to take the rest of it off and rest. I told no one, I cancelled no appointments I just did it because I was to tired to go another step. I decided after forty-four years in some type of work to take some time for me. Granted most of it to my surprise was spent asleep day and night but I have had a blast.

I was called back into work as I had left just before the Bank Holiday Weekend for some really emotional parting words. I had envisaged I would just walk into the afternoon sunlight with just a fleeting glance over my shoulders but after seventeen years I knew I would be missed and would also miss many. Sometimes when you in something very rarely coming up for air its hard to appreciate or feel appreciated.

My next discovery was the best - relocating with friends and acquaintances who have already taken the plunge. They are fun and accomplished at living their best lives. Its not all about filling your time with the allotment and housework that has been undone for years… it’s about balmy evenings sitting out, experimenting with wines and cocktails, talking about everything and nothing and appreciating that fact you’ve made it. The television is never on. How strange I found that. No worrying about what day of the week it is and what time. It just does not matter. Everything is actually relative. There have been weekends away, time to do the things you had no time to day such as leisurely read books and monuments at the side of buildings, take up swimming, go to cheap concerts at the last minute, attend parties at the drop of a hat (more than one in a night) I have not yet managed to get out of bed before 10am but have managed to attend online networking meetings, massages at the spa, a trip to London and a dinner at my local India Restaurant Agra with friends for a themed dinner with Whitney Houston.

I am not that tardy however and was introduced to Clean Living and eco-friendly business that is: -

· Cruelty free

· Natural and vegan friendly

· Completely breaks doe and removes odours and bacteria’s replacing them with a pleasant fragrance

· Penetrates deep into the pores of hard surfaces

· Continues to protect surfaces longs after application stunting the growth of harmful bacteria

· 100% biodegradable, non-toxic to aquatic life and pH neutral

· Eco friendly products reducing waste and plastic packaging

For more information keep an eye on the site or for ordering or more information go to my web shop

Its my job to keep an eye out for what may be beneficial for our community and I believe this is an important addition.

If you are interested in spreading the word on Clean Living send me an email or check the link above and I will be happy to guide you.

Lots of love

Sandra Xx

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