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Goodies and Gifts

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Is it too early to talk about the ‘C’ word? I think not! This month’s blog is all about getting ready for Christmas.

How does it make you feel when Autumn arrives, and the seasons change? Ever since I was a child it has been my favourite season; always putting me in the mood for Christmas! Crisper evenings, the odd Indian summer, frost, snow, Christmas lights, hats, gloves, and scarves. I love the warm feeling of being with friends, family and sharing gifts that show how much we love and care for each other. This year be sure to take time to find thoughtful gifts that provide a source of joy and well-being, of course I will be indulging in a treat or two for myself!

Not turning a blind eye to the ever present Covid-19 virus and what that might mean for our family gatherings. I feel it is important to nurture the things we can control, one of those things is our choice of out-look and how we maintain our health on a day to day basis.

Well-being is a holistic effort. My passion continues to be to help you always feel your best and recommend natural, authentic products that can complement you and your lifestyle. With that in mind, I have a wonderful array of beautiful products that are now available. I hope they will inspire and add a little sparkle to your shopping list and gift baskets that end up in your home.

Having a duo of gifts that complement each other always brings a nice touch and surprise. I have selected a few items that caught my eye. These products can help to keep your immune system revved up and cleanse your environment whilst bringing some dazzle to your accessories, outfit, and smile.



Led Diffuser

Combine the ultrasonic diffuser with led lighting with 3 wonderful essential oils for your home: Happy, Energy and Balance. Essential oils can change the feel of your environment and mood within minutes. How? When quality essential oils are diffused, the particles trigger senses in your olfactory system that evokes emotional responses in your limbic centre within your brain. The power of aroma is quite amazing!

Hot and cool packs

These are family friendly and can be used to treat pain, fevers, and sore throats. When warm they can be comforting and soothing too.

Heat in the microwave for a few seconds and apply to muscles and joints to ease tension and alleviate cramps. Place in the freezer for up to an hour to apply to bruises and reduce swelling. There are so many colours to choose from and uses. Pick your favourite from; red, orange, green, blue, white, yellow, and fuchsia.

Jewellery sets

Rose gold is trending, the elegant pieces looks good with all skin tones. With the added benefit of the magnets you will look stunning as well as feel great. Other functional items with negative ions are also available in a variety of colours for men, women, and children.

Colour therapy

Colours engage the mind, provide sensory stimulation, and have healing properties when used alongside therapeutic principles. All our products come in the 7 chakra colours, to bring you the joy of colour into your life. From chakra coloured jewellery items, to seat mats, coasters, and water sticks, you can add colour therapy into your mix of therapeutic products that support your wellness.

Water sticks

We may be having some alcoholic drinks to raise the merriment; it is always important to remain hydrated throughout your day. This product isn’t just a pretty stick, the magnet purifies water, leaving it with a fresher taste. It is a must have addition to any drink over the holiday season. You can purchase these for: jugs, glasses, and mugs. Stir your tea, coffee, or herbal beverage. This Christmas - jazz up you dining table look with water sticks and coasters.

Pet magnets

Not forgetting our fury friends are part of your family circles. Magnet collars can help ward off ailments too. We have a large selection of collars, collar pendants, water magnets, pet brushes and sleeping mats. Matching sets are available for you and your baby and best friend.


I hope this blog energises the buzz and gets you started in thinking about how I can help you choose well-being gifts for your friends and family; in preparing for a wonderful time of joy, sharing, and laughter. These times are difficult, if we can’t all be together in person, we will do it virtually! I hope that you keep well, stay safe, and treat yourself and loved ones with compassion and the gift of time as well as these wonderful products.

With love and warm wishes



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