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Here we are! The middle of December, 2 weeks away from our Christmas of 2020. I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful day, filled with smiles and gratitude. This Christmas might feel a little different for some of us. Maybe it’s a time to rest, relax and reflect over the year gone by and what is has shown us, if it has changed us in any way.

For me, when I look back over the year, the one thing that stands out is how much I really appreciate my health. Quickly followed by my family and having some time to myself to be honest! In amongst the ever present busy periods with my full-time job (which I am thankful for having) and delivering the best I can for you; my health and wellness community.



I wanted to talk about the importance of helping our immune system as best as we can, winter time is a season where cold, flu and sniffles come to join us too! Taking Vitamin D3 is always beneficial – pandemic or not. Vitamin D3 helps to strengthen the immune system if you take it regularly over long periods of time. I am happy to share this month’s new product, I am taking it and feeling the benefit in some ways. Contact me to get stocked up for the rest of 2020 and through the winter into 2021.



We now know that the NHS is rolling out a vaccine to tame the impact that covid-19 will have on our lives going forwards, how do you feel about the vaccine? Some things will change, social distancing will no doubt become more of the norm than the unusual. This will hopefully evolve into a different kind of measure and seen as just a way to keep each other safe and well. With the introduction of the vaccine, we can hope for changes to kick in by Springtime! We live in times where we will always be faced with something to contend with, what doesn’t have to change is how we support each other and tackle things together. Looking after our mental, emotional, and physical health is a continuous project. Rest assured I am here to help you along that road, with laughter and smiles too! With the help of our range of quality products we can do our best to look after our holistic health.

  • Essential oils to calm our minds and support out emotions

  • The power of magnetic therapy to ease joint pain, improve circulation and irradiate headaches

  • CBD to reinforce natures healing on our body and help with mental clarity

Contact me for advice and direction on which products will be suitable for you and your family to have in your home, including products for your pets.



I am extremely excited about a project that I have been working on that can involve you and give you access to the products as well as an income! How amazing does that sound? I will be launching a recruitment package, in this I will give an outline of the kind of people I am looking to join my team to help share the love and inspiration of living a natural and healthy lifestyle, energised by nature and the power of magnetic therapy. I think you would agree it’s an opportunity worth investing your time in to find out more about!



With my hand on my heart, I wish love, laughter, and the best of health for 2021. It will be as exciting as we make it, together I believe we can do that.

Don’t forget to reach out if you find yourself stuck or needing help. I am here my friends and will do what I can to help. Happy New Year!

With Love



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