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Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Welcome to the first of my blogs of 2021! How are you all behaving?

January always brings in a sense of newness and a fresh start. In nature the trees are bare; but out of sight there is so much happening, roots and leaves are getting ready to sprout again for the spring. I love that sense of renewed growth.

I feel that we all had high hopes for the start of this year to be different to how 2020 ended, let’s take a deep breathe and continue as we have been; with small and manageable steps to make sure we keep our spirits up and our health balanced; mirroring nature, lets continue our growth and health behind the scenes, ready to emerge when lockdown is a distant memory!



I like to start each new year with fresh energised goals, not too many though – as that can feel a little defeating if I don’t follow through on them all. My goals are about what I want to achieve in the long-term, something that I can aim for in and amongst day to day life. Some of my goals are to connect with you more on different platforms, share more content and invite you on board as part of my team - more info to follow on my recruitment package in my next blog, watch this space!



In the spirit of newness and nature, I want to share the new special offers available to you in your home.

Across our whole range; there are so many wonderful products to brighten up your mood, emotions and help ease signs of anxiety and stress. We cater for all your family, pets, children, and friends! Here is a small sample of some of the products that are on offer. Click here to view the rest on my website .

I would personally recommend investing in a piece of magnetic jewellery to help your circulation and deal with possible increase of joint pain due to the cold weather.

A must have are the water sticks, we need to keep hydrated, especially during winter, the water sticks magnetise and purify the water or drink that you consume.

Give yourself a treat to brighten up the dull days, there are signs of spring starting to emerge, with coasters and magnetic mats.



What items would you like to see more of?

Drop me an email ( to share your favourite products and the benefits you have gained from using them, what you would like more information on and any other questions about how the products work.

Until next time, take care!

With Love



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