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Prize Draws Celebrations

This time last year I was recovering from the Coronavirus. Before getting sick I worried about what effects the pandemic would have on my business. I was shielding as a ‘vulnerable’ person, working from home, and studying the final module of my degree. I was exhausted, a little frustrated and weak. A year on; I know these feelings were shared by many.

We have all changed in the last twelve months, supporting the NHS, volunteering, delivering food, supporting our neighbours, cooking from scratch, baking, enjoying the weather, the sunshine was the only plus. Some craved open spaces whilst others had space, home schooling introduced a new nightmare for many.

We had some easing by being able to meet outdoors, mainly to protect our sanity. There was a push to help the vulnerable. The pandemic shined a torch on inequalities that could no longer be ignored. Solopreneurs had to adapt, there was support but these were unprecedented times, there was no plan that would fit everyone. Everything was uncertain; we needed to plan for every eventuality.

I decided, as you know, to take my business online using any social media platform / app I could I learn quickly: · Zoom, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Groups, Rooms, YouTube.

It was exciting but surprisingly scary: emailing, messaging, customers, friends and family - a year later, here we are. Things are not perfect but it’s not bad at all, so let’s celebrate together for the rest of this month!!

I want to share our wonderful products with you, BUT there is work to be done! In order to be included in the FREE PRIZE DRAWS, YOU NEED TO DO ANY 3 OF THE FOLLOWING:-

1. Message me your email

2. Like and share my FB video’s

4. Follow and engage with me on Instagram

5. Share our Instagram posts and tag world_of_sandra

6. Share a testimonial for the first time

7. Like my blogs on

You can find pictures of all the prize draw of items on World of Sandra Community FB Group. All the fun and engagement will be on this page, you have to be part of the group to be in for a chance to grab these prizes.

· Headband/scrunchie

· Chakra power heart

· Earrings – pierced

· Silicone power heart

· Copper bracelet

· Silicone bracelet

*The gifts are new but do not have the two-year guarantee.

I will be putting up daily ‘Special Offers’ with discounts that are only available from me, not through my web shop. These items will be offered at a significantly reduced price, be quick as there is only one of the following each items:

Power hearts






Today’s special offer is a necklace

There will be an ‘Ultimate Prize’ at the end of the month, with all the names going into a hat to win an ‘Ultrasonic LED Diffuser’ and ‘Aroma oil.’ WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!? JOIN 'WORLD OF SANDRA COMMUNITY' TODAY...

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