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Lockdown and Christmas - How are you?

Hello and a warm welcome to the 4th edition of World of Sandra Blog. I’m here to connect, share and support you on your health and well-being journey; what a journey it has been this year – for all of us on a global scale!

Here in London, where I am based, we are in our 3rd week of National Lockdown. I am the type of person, as some of you will know, to take things as they come, I try to not get overwhelmed by the external chaos that we cannot control. I do this by avoiding social media and news broadcasts that can be stressful to watch and read. That’s what I have been doing this time too, although it has been a bit tricky at times. I have been sticking to my self-care routine as much as I can, breathing to bring myself back to feeling grounded, continuing my evening walks, wrapping up warm, and sharing the love of my wellness business and how I can help you chose the right products to support you with your mental, physical. and emotional health.


Elections, Brexit, and Covid-19 has created a time of unknowns, the kind of environment which creates anxiety and insomnia for some of us. Our young adults and children are also part of the uncertainty. They have uncertainty about their education and now with Christmas coming up, whether they will be able to share special times with their wider family and friends. The beautiful magnetic products can help them too, helping to reduce anxiety, induce calmness, and gain rested sleep.


Anxiety can make other symptoms appear and flare up again; conditions such as IBS, muscle aches and pains, migraines, headaches, and inflammation. Magnetic products can help with all these ailments and annoying symptoms that can be accompanied by anxiety. I personally have experienced so much relief from wearing my magnetic jewellery and have turned to them more during this year than ever before. My favourite and best sellers are the ultrasonic LED negative ions diffuser and essential oils plus my magnetic sofa mat which I sit on every day. Close friends and colleagues who have used the bracelets and power heart magnets, have had nothing but praise for the products; they honestly can’t believe how effective they have been for their family overnight!



Other benefits of magnetic jewellery are their colour; colour therapy soothes and heals, it also looks fantastic and can be interchangeable with your mood, outfit, and seasons. Silicone mats, coasters and water bands also add a touch of spice and style to your accessories and interior décor.

Here are some of the benefits that customers have said they have received from wearing magnetic jewellery and using the products.



Sleep better

Less stress

Balanced Emotions”



With Christmas approaching and lockdown hopefully coming to a different ending, I want to bring you ideas to help put a smile on your loved ones faces; young, old and your fury loved ones too! There is something for your Mother, brother, husband, cousin, nieces and nephews, children, pets, and bestie – the list is endless. Here are some upcoming offers on beautiful gift ideas.

These are some of the magnetic products that are available; beautiful pieces that also support you and your families health and well-being without any effort on your part.

You can go to my web shop here to browse and buy your next wellness product that you will love and benefit from. Get in touch for more information and how to order in time for Christmas and throughout the year.

With Love and hugs



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