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Welcome to the World of Sandra

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

A very warm welcome to the 1st edition of my Blog

'The World of Sandra Blog’ has come into existence to extend my passion for sharing the importance and benefits of looking after your health and well-being, in a natural, nurturing, and fun way!

I will be bringing you a wealth of information monthly. You will learn about what I have been doing, tips and secrets about our products, product of the month and a spotlight on a specific health and well-being topic.

I want to make this as interactive and useful to you as possible, if there is an area you really want to know more information about, I would be happy to focus on it in one a future blog – just let me know!

I am incredibly happy to have you here with me on this exciting journey filled with energy, strength, and beauty for our mind, body, and spirit!

I am a firm believer that what we surround ourselves with, has an impact on our health and happiness. That includes our psychological, social, and physical diet.

My Story

Magnets came into my life 7 years ago. I was out for dinner with my girlfriends; talking about love, life, and food when the conversation turned to menopause.

Having had a full organ liver transplant 11 years ago, I was sure I did not want HRT, as I was already taking immune suppressant and dealing with the associated side effects. But I knew I was open to exploring other more natural options. I needed immediate relief from the symptoms that I was experiencing; waking up during the night on the hour – every hour, feeling moody, I didn’t even realise I was my moody, somewhat depressed, and serious night sweats. My short-term memory was suffering. I would forget what I was going to say, and I was struggling to get my words out, finding myself stumbling with communication. In short – I was feeling miserable!

The girls were talking about something called a 'Power Heart'. I thought I would give it a go as I had nothing to lose. It was the biggest ugliest thing I had ever seen, but it worked and gave me my life back!

I saw a glimpse of how life used to be in just 7 days! I found that I was able to sleep, I was less miserable, I was able to focus, I wasn’t changing my clothes or sheets during the night. My husband said I became a new person and ’easier to live with’. He even asked me to share my journey with his friend's wives and partners! Who says men don’t talk?

Around the same time, I visited the Just V show, amongst many other health companies I saw a stand for Magnets Wellness Jewellery. I have never been a jewellery person, but I wanted it all. I approached the consultant with keen interest. I asked if she would do a wellness event for me and my friends, I had to share what I was seeing.

I signed up as a consultant after that wellness event. I became a consultant just because I wanted to buy products for myself, at cost. I began sharing what I was experiencing with my friends and started to accumulate a retail profit. Within four months I was a Marketing Director in business. I didn’t even know I was building a business! Within a year I had a successful business and now I’m ready to take it on-line. It’s all exciting!

It’s been nearly three years now and I have never looked back from that decision. I knew that, although I was on medication, there had to be a way that I could still feel so much better and get the energy back that I had years ago.

Here I am, feeling energised, focused, and happier every day. By using the products and wearing the jewellery, and by introducing and sharing the benefits with so many people who I love and have encountered along the way.

It’s never too late to start a new routine or try something different, if it means that you feel energised with vitality to enjoy your life. I don’t love magnetic therapy because I sell it. I sell it because I love it.

What Next?

With so many exciting things in the pipeline and new products on the way, I will be issuing the next Blog with; detailed product information, highlights on the business and fun tips and anecdotes.

I invite you to stay with me on this journey of feeling and looking fabulous inside and out, whilst I share with you the benefits and uses of Magnets Wellness products and so much more, here with me here in World of Sandra.

Warm wishes and love


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